Tackling today’s key security challenges

Every day we see security incidents hitting headlines and details of evolving threats and techniques being utilised by cybercriminals. So how do organisations address these risks and what can be done to protect themselves?

Ransomware resilience

Protecting your business against ransomware takes a coordinated approach that stops attackers at every step. Ransomware techniques and tactics continue to evolve, and this requires businesses to take a defence in depth approach to mitigate them. Secure backup procedures, as well as a robust incident response plan are a necessity for all organisations.

Protecting your business-critical data

Data breaches and loss can be costly in terms of reputation, financial losses, and time to remediate attacks. The ideal approach combines defensive security controls with proactive user awareness training and strong policies and procedures.

Driving connectivity across your security ecosystem

Gaining a strong return on investment from technology investments requires connectivity across the security ecosystem. This means replacing disparate solutions that don’t talk to each other with a managed solution based on an integrated ecosystem.

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Ransomware resilience

Take a deeper look at the defence in depth strategies your business can employ to become more resilient to ransomware attacks.

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Protecting your business-critical data

Technology, policies and procedure – gain a better understanding of how you can utilise these three key elements to protect your organisation’s data.

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Driving connectivity across your security ecosystem

Learn more about how optimising your defence in depth controls can uplift your security posture and ensure cyber resilience across your business.

Preventing Cyber Attacks Across The Supply Chain

Find out which mitigation strategies your business can implement to secure your digital supply chain from a cyber breach.

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Combatting Email Compromise

Learn about the different types of email compromise and how to defend against them with a state-of-the-art email security platform and advanced threat protection.

Exec Summary Combatting Email Compromise

The next-generation security ecosystem

Our next-generation security ecosystem is able to provide the solutions to mitigate these threats:

Solutions based on secure access service edge (SASE) or zero trust architectures

Seamlessly integrated platforms via out-of-the-box API integrations

A unified security ecosystem based on shared threat information from indicators of compromise or attack

A stronger, more reliable security posture for customers through proven, mature policies and frameworks

Next-generation security providers

  • One console and single agent architecture

  • Cloud app activity and instance awareness

  • Advanced cloud data protection and threat protection

  • Comprehensive coverage of multi-cloud use cases (public, private, hybrid)

  • Integrated third-party risk assessment built in

  • Advanced data loss prevention (DLP) and context-aware DLP

  • Architected in the cloud for modern cloud-based workloads

  • Single lightweight agent for rapid and easy deployment

  • Advanced indicators of compromise and indicators of attack-based detection and response countering modern fileless attack vectors

  • Extensive capability for public cloud-based virtual machines (VMs) and server workloads

  • Proactive threat hunting integrated into the platform

  • Architected in the cloud and highly suited to complex hybrid models and customers in transition

  • Internal email protection catching threats and remediating attacks

  • Single platform with intelligent, nuanced awareness training

  • Multiple levels of user risk scoring

  • Advanced level tuning of DLP policies reducing false positives

These solutions were chosen because they integrate seamlessly and can detect and share threats with one another, as well as contain and remediate threats in any IT environment.

Why work with InfoTrust

InfoTrust is a trusted cybersecurity partner and expert advisor, supporting organisations on every step of their cybersecurity journey. We work closely with customers to understand the nuances of their business, including addressing unique security concerns and compliance obligations. We provide tailored advice and cybersecurity solutions that achieve organisations’ desired security outcomes.

We specialise in three key security domains across email, endpoint, and cloud.

InfoTrust Connective Tissue combines ongoing customer success, analytics, and response, which provides cross-platform security management and operational efficiency.

Our security services help organisations:
  • Elevate security maturity

  • Deliver cybersecurity strategies

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Assess user awareness

  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities

  • Identify priorities across people, process, and technology

InfoTrust’s next-generation security ecosystem delivers significant benefits for customers, including:
Improved outcomes

Customers receive a dedicated account manager and direct relationships with service delivery managers. InfoTrust proactively helps customers progress their cybersecurity roadmap and conducts regular operational and business outcome reviews to ensure desired security outcomes are achieved.

Cohesive management

One project management methodology is applied to your cybersecurity transformation and includes expert support to seamlessly migrate from legacy vendors to new vendors.


Throughout implementation, the next-generation security ecosystem enables a shared knowledge of your environment and policies to quickly identify and isolate security risks. It also supports all platforms and application programming interface (API) integration across the ecosystem.

Cost savings

InfoTrust saves customers money by sharing the cost of engineering services and bulk licensing deals and bundles.


Working with a single partner with comprehensive capabilities removes the complexity involved in point solutions, multiple vendors, and tricky integrations.

In-house engineering

InfoTrust provides certified security engineering on demand that covers all platforms.

Governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC)

Customers receive a comprehensive GRC overview including consulting and advisory oversight of the ecosystem and ongoing maturity uplift.

To find out more about how the InfoTrust next-generation security ecosystem can help your organisation improve security and simplify complexity, contact the team today.